Sole Parents $7 Poverty Campaign Targets Fat Cat Political Leaders

SOME things take your breath away more than others. Like politicians seen on television smoking cigars celebrating, in part, their decision to cut payments to some of the poorest people in the country _ sole parents. For some it means just $7 a week. But a great new campaign and video by The Parenthood reveals just how serious the loss of $370 a year and other cuts will have on nutrition, transport and other basic necessities. In this story The Parenthood cuts to the chase, calling on pollies to pull their heads in and block the bill as a matter of supreme importance and provides some shocking stats.

From The Parenthood

“Christine Milne, Bill Shorten, Clive Palmer – vote no to this bill.”

That is the message from thousands of sole parents around the nation who will lose more than $3800 a year if federal budget cuts are passed through the parliament in June.

The Parenthood has launched this national Why $7 Matters campaign television advertisement and petition  calling on our political leaders to block the bills that would financially devastate sole parents and their children.

Three sole parents from Melbourne deliver the message firsthand telling political leaders the value of seven dollars to them and their children is much more significant than referenced by Treasurer Joe Hockey in recent days.

“To me seven dollars means having enough petrol in the car to drive the girls to netball on the weekend,” said Kaye Stirland, sole mother of three children.

“In our house, seven dollars means a packet of weat bix and a bottle of milk – so breakfast for a few days,” said sole mother of two children Kerry Archer.

“We are not asking for a hand out for the rest of our lives, we are simply asking for the safety net to be returned so we can give our children the lives we had hoped for, from the moment they were born,” said sole mother of twin boys Bianca Maciel Pizzorno.

Executive Director of The Parenthood Fiona Sugden said thousands of Australian parents were relying on our nation’s political leaders to block the bills.

“The untold story of this federal budget is the silent, vicious cuts being made to the livelihoods of sole parents and their children.

“More than 90 per cent of sole parents are women. These changes will hurt some of the most vulnerable women in our society. And it is simply wrong,” she said.

“These payments have existed to help support sole parent families because they do not have a supporting partner with a second income in their homes.

“These brutal cuts, the size of which have never been seen in Australia, will not only hurt sole parents they will hurt their children who will suffer in their education, their nutrition and their general health and emotional well being.”

Thousands of parents will be emailing the Treasurer directly in coming days to tellhim what $7 dollars means to them.

Australian parents that want to see these bills blocked can sign The Parenthood’s petition at


A sole parent with two children aged 5 and 12:

Family Tax Benefit cuts $ 1,893

Parent Payment Single indexation cuts $370

GP tax costs $ 118

Increase in cost of medicines $168

Fuel Excise increase $22

Loss of the School Kids Bonus $1230

Cost of budget cuts to a sole parent per year: $ 3,801